When browsing our online store, a padlock in the address bar indicates that your connection to the site is secure and that your information (passwords, card numbers, etc.) are private and confidential. By clicking on the small padlock, your internet browser will give you more information on the security of our online store.

Payments by credit card

The main method of payment in our shop is payment by credit card. In order to use this payment method, you must first add the desired products to your basket, then access the order page via the ” Order ” button . Then fill in all the information necessary for the delivery of your products (Name, address, delivery method). Once this is done, all you have to do is select the payment by credit card, fill in your card information in the fields offered, then click on the “Validate my order” button. If your payment is validated, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation email and a summary of your order.

The credit card payment process is handled by the online payment company PayGreen. During your transaction, no banking information is transmitted on our website. PayGreen’s general conditions of use apply.

Paypal payments

The payment method by Paypal is also available on our online store. It is possible to use this method of payment directly from a product or from your basket via the “Buy with Paypal” button. You can also choose this payment method by going through your shopping cart and clicking on the ” Order ” button . At the end of the order page, select the payment by Paypal and click on “Confirm my order”. You will then be asked to connect to your Paypal account and validate your delivery address. Once done, all you have to do is validate your payment via the Paypal interface in order to finalize your order. If your payment is validated,

During your transaction, no banking information is transmitted on our website. The general terms and conditions of use of paypal apply.

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